BTS break record as first K-pop band to top US iTunes chart


BTS have broken a chart record by climbing to the top of the US iTunes.

The group are having a right old time of it at the moment, having caught everyone’s attention at the AMAs earlier this month. And now, having dropped their Steve Aoki remix of Mic Drop, fans have gone wild.

So wild in fact, they’ve been pushed to the top of the iTunes chart – they are the first K-pop band to score a number one on the Apple download service.

They previously charted at number four with DNA, which was the highest chart for a k-pop band, and follow in Psy’s footsteps, who topped the chart with Gangnam Style.

Mic Drop has already amassed over 5.5 million views on YouTube.

The group recently gave their first ever US TV performance at the American music Awards.

Not only did they drive fans crazy with their eye catching clothing, they also amazed crowds with the quality of their vocals.

(Picture: Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock)


Their rendition of DNA earned them a standing ovation. And given that they didn’t stand still for a second, their performance was autotuned to make sure they sounded note perfect. Some fans have taken the recording of the performance and stripped away the autotune to leave us with this: