Why Is BTS the Most Famous K-Pop Group Worldwide?

Why Is BTS the Most Famous K-Pop Group Worldwide?

SEOUL, Kr. – The Korean boy band Bangtan Boys or BTS (a.k.a Bulletproof Boys or Beyond the Scene) is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful acts when it comes to Korean pop music. Even though they don’t have a trending dance craze or challenge yet, they have managed to climb their way to the top.

Here are some reasons why this amazing group is one of the today’s most popular acts.

1. International Media Has Featured BTS Several Times

Why Is BTS the Most Famous K-Pop Group Worldwide?

The US-based newspaper The New York Times recently featured the Bangtan Boys as one of the “Most Well-Loved Artists in America.” Before that, Buzzfeed, The Rolling Stone, and the Billboard also featured this charming K-pop group, making them one of the most popular Korean idol groups.

2. They Trend Worldwide

Why Is BTS the Most Famous K-Pop Group Worldwide?

Accepting an award from the Billboard Music Awards was not the only time that the K-pop group BTS trended. In fact, they blew up Twitter and Facebook’s trending streams to the point that most internet users and even celebrities commented and wondered who they were or what BTS meant. In other words, they have broken the World Wide Web many times.

3. Their Story-Telling Concepts

Not everyone can speak and understand the Korean language. However, the BTS boys have touched the hearts of many people around the world because of their music videos. Not only are their music videos eye-catching, both avid fans and first-time listeners are always moved by their incredible MVs that always tell a compelling story. BTS always creates MVs that touch on various subjects such as culture, the government, and relatable stories about adolescence and adulthood.

4. Their Wonderful Fandom – ARMY

Why Is BTS the Most Famous K-Pop Group Worldwide?

Move over Directioners and Beliebers! The BTS’s ARMY or “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth” will eat you up! The Korean group has an impressive and huge fandom not only in Asia but throughout the world. Thanks to their ARMY, they have conquered other K-pop groups. BTS acknowledges their fans and their undying loyalty that have helped them amass their current fame. Hence, they always thank their fans in every possible way.

What’s your reason for supporting the super talented group BTS? Let us know why you love them so much!